Friday, July 22, 2011


a long way home
a long road down
a convincing poet's regaling gestures
for an opportunity of apathetic indifference;
to pretend, to lie, to rip apart his words, to
the bring of insanity or
just don't


down the twisted undergrowth
out of spiteful justification and
the longing for a way out
there are three daunting tasks and
polished landscapes and
a brick road
down a maze of maple green


underground caverns tell us our history
violent, tempestuous - the necessity of
evolving from red paint to red pen
(or is it vermilion)
and still
mistakes are still


"right is the way of the gods" is the conclusion
no human spell nor
animalistic instinct can inspire this forgiveness
a natural response, the right response
right down a grassy hill
in a red toboggan

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